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God's Mysterious Choice

 Les juifs du kerala (français)


kerala Jews


G-d wil extend again his arm to



Diaspora research of researchers

 Reasons for the destruction of the Temple (legend from Talmud explaining)


Indian Jews fight for recognition - again

Rabbi Yosef Kazen


Bene Israel Jews of West India

Noach's Ark vs The Titanic  


Le roman des Juifs de l'Inde (français)

The "rebbe"Menachem Mendel Schneerson 


Les Juifs des Indes de MARYSE CHOUKROUN

Now the Place is Full


A Prayer at the Western Wall

A Calendar of Jewish Persecutions


Baghdadi Jews Synagogues in Poona



The Words of Gad the Seer and other lost books in Cochin

God , are you real   ?


The last Jews of Cochin - India














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