God, are you real ? 



The child whispered, “God speak to me.”

And a meadowlark sang,

But the child did not hear.


So the child yelled, “God, speak to me.”

And the thunder rolled across the sky,

But  the child did not listen.


The child looked around and said,

“God, let me see you.”

And a star shone brightly,

But the child did not notice.


And so the child shouted,

“God , show me a miracle!”

And a life was born,

But the child did not know.


So the child cried out in despair,

“Touch me God,

and let me know you are here.”

Whereupon , God reached down

And touched the child

But the child brushed the butterfly away

And walked on unknowingly.




“In this day and age,”said Rabbi Moshe, “the greatest devotion – greater than learning and praying – consists of accepting the world exactly as it happens to be.”


If you always assume

The person sitting next to you

Is the Messiah

Waiting for some simple human Kindness-

And watch your hands.

And if  he/she so Chooses

Not to reveal himself/herself

In your time

It will not matter.



(from the Yiddish)

Translalted by Dannty Siegel



Sh’ ma


Sh’ma Yisrael , Adonai Eloheynu, Adonai echad

The expansion of human power has hardly  begun,

And what we are going to do with our power

May either save or destroy our planet.


The earth may be of small significance

Within the infinite universe.

But if it is of some significance,

We hold the key to it.


In our own age we have been forced

Into the realization that there will be either

One world, or no world


Abraham Joshua Heschel


The Divine

Abounds everywhere

And dwells

In everything

We are One


You have just communicated with the cosmos, an act of the greatest moment because it is a conscious recognition of the living universe … The content of your message – whatever you are experiencing at the moment – is not what matters most.  The key is the act itself, the recognition that the universe is alive and responsive in you and to you .


Zalman Schachter – Shalomi