Noach's Ark vs The Titanic

(Unsinkable / Unthinkable)

We read in parasha Noach: (Ber.6.13)

And G-d said unto Noah,The end of All flesh is come before Me; for the earth is filled with violence through them ;and behold , I will destroy them with the earth; Make thee an ark of gopher wood….

Recently , an epic movie was made about another great ship,the Titanic. How very sad it was to recall how 1500 lives were lost when the great ship was hit by an iceberg. As I saw this, movie I asked what the lesson was.

I discovered in the library, that the Titanic had a sister ship, the Britannic, which also sank four years later , in 1916 . However, only 30 lives where lost. Although the Britanic went down faster (in 55 minutes), than the Titanic, there were enough lifeboats for everyone.

In a sense, it was not the lifeboats which saved the people on the Britannic it was a WORD. The word was TITANIC. Since the sinking of the Titanic , the word Titanic became a warning to people all over about the dangers of drowning, even on an unsinkable ship!

Perhaps we can apply lesson to the story of Noah's ark. In fact the Hebrew word for ark is Teva, which also means WORD. The rabbis comment that the violence in the world began with words. It is the word of Hashem which can save us . By studying Torah and by sharing Torah we can find the words to lift us UP, above the waters of alienation . Baruch Hashem.

Written by Harry S.Pearle. 757 Harvard St.,Rochester, NY (716) 256-3832

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